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What is Clockwork?

Clockwork is a website on which you can plan the shifts of your employees.

You and your team keep a clear overview and everybody can access the current working plan at any time.

How does Clockwork work?

Clockwork is a web application. You can access it from anywhere at any time. Just visit the website and log in.

It works on all mobile devices like your smart phone or tablet.

Key Features


Define a flexible structure matching your company's needs by creating organizations, plans, work areas and qualifications.

Calender Export

Import your Clockwork appointments into other calendar apps on your phone, tablet or computer. You will be up-to-date on the go without even having to use a web browser.


Let Clockwork show you who worked on what, when and how many hours. Download your reports as a CSV or Excel file.


You will be notified if an employee is on vacation or if he is already scheduled for another shift at the same time.

Share Documents

Upload documents to Clockwork. Your colleagues have access to them and can download them.


Write blog posts or comment on shifts to communicate with your employees internally. The notification hub will keep you on track about new and upcoming events at any time.

Plan templates

Save time by defining plan templates for your reoccurring planning tasks. Apply the templates to your plans whenever you need them again.


Create milestones and tasks with due dates for your plans or projects.


Never miss any of your working shifts again. Clockwork notifies you about upcoming shifts by sending you an email.

Upcoming Features


Plug your team into the planning process by letting them trade their shifts independently. Empowering your employees will decentralize the planning and decrease the time managers usually spend to get their work done.

Mobile Time-Clocking

Track the attendance of your staff easily. Your employees can clock in and clock out via our mobile app, text message or on our website in real time.

Social Reward System

Your employees can reward their colleagues by positively rating certain actions like spontaneously helping out for an unstaffed shift.

How much is Clockwork?

You can use for free. Why don't you give it a try and register today? We are looking forward to feedback from our users. This is how we continuously improve our website to satisfy the needs of workforce managers.

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Who is Clockwork?

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